Research has shown that a lot of dads don’t change pooh nappies, and often moms are left with this stinky job. Yet nappy changing time can also be bonding time between dad and baby, so to help dads become better fathers we created a scented stick-on moustache called The Sniff Upper Lip.

This manly mo hid the smell and made nappy changing easy peasy. Cuddlers (a South African nappy brand that often can’t compete with the big giants like P&G’s Pampers or Kimberley-Clarke’s Huggies) loved it, saw an opportunity to grow market share and so partnered with Game for distribution and added a competition element.

We made a content video to promote The Sniff Upper Lip on Facebook (supported by sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook) and it got a lot of mileage for them: 171K views on Game and 41K views on Cuddlers with hundreds of shares, all on a R200k budget. In-store Cuddlers sold out because of the promotion and some took to Facebook to ask where they could get their scented moustaches. Dads all over SA posted photos of themselves wearing the moustache while proudly changing the dreaded pooh nappy. In 2018, The Sniff Upper Lip was a Loerie Finalist in the Social media and instore category.