CareZA is a project by the Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change, a non-profit organisation that monitors social media conversations and tracks any narratives that negatively impact our society. Its platform aims to combat hate speech and mis/dis-information and promote understanding between people, with factual and useful information that encourages healthy conversations around key issues.

This film was made to show the people of South Africa our shared humanity and that kindness can come from anywhere. Amidst the coronavirus crisis, there were xenophobic narratives circulating on social media. So we sought out a good news story that showed that many foreign nationals were involved in feeding programmes to help the hungry people in their communities. From Somalian, Ethiopian and Bangladeshi shopkeepers distributing thousands of food parcels, to the kindness kitchens, like the one we filmed, run by Precious, a Zimbabwean, the generosity of spirit is evident all across South Africa. While there are sinister elements online, who wish to divide us, there are many good, kind people from all different backgrounds and faiths who bring us together.