Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) is a collective working toward a more sustainable future in communities across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. They help to make renewable energy systems more accessible and affordable for peri-urban and rural communities that have historically not had access to clean energy.

Our insight and idea for GEAPP was “The future is closer than you think”. This message communicates that renewable energy technology can create a better future – and it’s available right now and is being implemented across communities that need it most.

GEAPP required a short showcase film for the Africa Climate Summit 2023. We were supplied with hours and hours of footage they had available from completed projects. We then set to work creating a script around our idea and our amazing editor cut the film. Using GEAPP’s new CI, we created a unique look for the motion graphics and the end-title background pattern. The result is a highly emotive film that tells a story of hope and inspiration. The GEAPP clients loved it so much they will be using it for COP 28 (December 2023).