KIA’s powerful Sorento V6 is probably one of the most underrated SUVs in Southern Africa. It’s not always first (or second) on the list for those in the market for a new big family cross-roader SUV, so we needed to change the perception in the market place and show the car’s versatility – its ability as a great family car for the city, as well as being perfect for an off-road adventure.

KIA’s proposition is the “Power to Surprise”, so we used this as a springboard to get to the insight: when you go out of your comfort zone you can have a transformative experience.

We meet the Du Toit’s, an Afrikaans family from the city who go on a road trip in their new KIA Sorento. The Du Toit’s are learning isiXhosa on their travels, and this means they get to meet and speak to new people and get a different perspective of their journey.

When the family arrives at their destination in rural Transkei, it’s clear they’re there for a wedding. They’ve researched everything about a traditional Xhosa wedding, however they’re in for a surprise. The message is clear: whatever your journey, enjoy the ride.